Friendly Reminders


  • Don’t gamble your life away, be a responsible player!
  • Only 54% of the Mark Six Prize Fund will be used to fund prize, the expected winnings of Mark Six is therefore much lower than the entry cost and 15% will go for charitable purposes.
  • In the presence of Jackpots or Snowballs, the payout ratio of Mark Six can be much higher.
  • The unit investment for each Mark Six Entry is $10.  However, for Multiple & Banker entries, a partial unit investment of HK$5 will be accepted.
  • Bets placed via Interactive Services are excluded from registration.  If the prize exceeds $5 million per $10 unit, all winning ticket holders or telephone betting winners are required to register by dialing the 1817 hotline within the time specified and the valid betting tickets must be presented for payment within 60 days of the date after the relevant draw.
  • For up-to-date information about Mark Six, please contact HKJC directly at 1817 hotline.