More about Mark Six

As quoted from Wikipedia, the Mark Six is immensely popular in Hong Kong. It is considered normal for Hong Kong people to play Mark Six. When the prize jackpot is very high, it is not uncommon for a total in excess of HKD120 million to be spent on Mark Six (this is 24 million games from a total population of 7 million in Hong Kong).

Mark Six is used as a method of raising money for the Government of HKSAR. The game is also used to raise money for charitable purposes.

Every dollar spent on Mark Six is distributed as follows:
25% – Lottery Duty – paid to the Government
15% – Lotteries Fund – used for financing social welfare capital projects
6% – Commission – used to cover operating costs of the HKJC
54% – Prize Fund – used to fund prize

As with all lottery systems, the expected winnings of Mark Six is lower than the entry cost, making this an unfair game. In the presence of Jackpots or Snowballs, the payout ratio of Mark Six can be much higher.

The overall odds of Mark Six, i.e. the probability of winning something is approximately 1:53.655. Compared to the biggest two lotteries available in the United States, Powerball (the overall odds are approximately 1:35) and Mega Millions (the overall odds are approximately 1:40), players have lower chance to win a prize in Mark Six.